Offering a psycho-social support system to South African youth from underserved communities, which challenges existing perspectives on life with youth reaching their potential by taking responsibility for their own dreams.
This is a relationship-driven programme that seeks to:

  • Challenge and eradicate the mentality of learned complacency and dependency in underserved communities.
  • Motivate youth to appreciate the value of education and support them in taking responsibility for their own academic achievements and progress.
  • Utilise life skills training and critical thinking to empower youth to overcome self-defeating thought (and lifestyle) patterns and to pursue dreams of alternative futures for themselves, their community and country.
  • Create platforms for youth to research, discuss/debate, plan and take action against perceived social ills and injustices in their communities and country.
  • Challenge existing value systems and emphasise a value system which includes: integrity, perseverance, teamwork, respect for self and others, responsibility, ubuntu (humanity), humility and servitude.
  • Develop leadership skills in youth in order for them to become role models and agents of change in their communities.

  • We are a registered NPO. Number: 035 766
    A good leader is one who can tell another how to reach his or her potential; a great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him or herself ~ Bo Bennet